How Desk Toys Help Boost Productivity

On average, we’ll spend a third of our lives at work, and for a large majority of us, that time is spent at a desk for hours on end.  The rise in remote working and flexible office conditions also means that our desk jobs have followed us home, so staying fresh and productive can be challenging. In answer to these difficulties, we delve into the fantastic ways desk toys can boost productivity and increase focus for professionals.

Promote  Creativity

It’s proven that desk toys are great for brain stimulation and for helping boost creativity when pondering new work ideas. It would be impossible to spend all day concentrating on our work tasks. Some studies suggest we can focus for 90 minutes before needing a short mental break. Breaking focus and turning to videos or other distracting tasks can negatively affect our ability to return to work and be productive. Utilizing desk toys, however, enables professionals to take breaks while maintaining a level of mental stimulation. Desk toys also promote creative expression, which has positive effects on health and mental state.

Mental  Stimulation

Naturally, professionals face an off day now and then. Sometimes we face tasks we’re not fond of or are stuck on a specific problem. It’s then that professionals can turn to desk toys for a fun challenge when faced with work boredom. As previously mentioned, taking a short break from work and utilizing a desk toy for mental stimulation can improve focus and hopefully turn an off day into a productive work session. Working with  Trebl’s brick sets can inspire creativity and help professionals develop new work ideas.

Refresh  and  Reset

Some 40% of  Americans consider their work to be extremely stressful, so it’s essential to have a quick and easy to reach outlet to distress and restore calmness. Desk toys are a fantastic outlet for creative frustration when professionals are stuck on projects orfacing a mental block. Brain challenges can stimulate positive brain energy and are a great way to take the mind away from work stress and promote calmness. Once workers have taken a break, they’ll be better prepared to return to a productive work session as a desk toy will ensure they are still mentally active and ready to tackle tasks.

Get  Productive  with  Innovative  Trebl  Brick  Sets

Trebl specializes in toy construction bricks that provide the perfect outlet for creative expression and mental stimulation. Unlike lego pieces, which only stack on top of each other,  Trebl’s brick sets can be built in any direction and shape.  As a desk toy, these brick sets can be used to create fun and entertaining toys, such as spinning tops, or functional structures, such as phone stands or pen holders. The best part is that it’s completely flexible. Users can opt for a challenge and create large, intricate designs or simply sit back and enjoy a relaxing creative building approach.  The fantastic spherical magic-inspirational toy, for example, comes with 60 spherical parts that can create five separate spheres. The challenge, however, is to create one large sphere from all 60 parts.  The company shows users how to do two of them.  The brilliant minds that can create their own new shapes can show their designs by tagging @treblsystem on Instagram and using the hashtag #SpheriChallenge.