Frequently asked questions

How is trebl different from LEGO?

While the bricks are different in many ways, the main difference can be seen in the way objects are built. While the philosophy of LEGO is stacking layers of bricks, trebl uses the 3D outer shell of an object to build it. For that reason all sides of the bricks are connectable and the frame is open.

What is the ideal age to start playing with trebl?

We believe the ideal age to start experimenting with trebl is 7 years old. Given the size of some of the bricks that are considered a choking hazard it is not suitable for children under 3 years.

Why do the trebl bricks have an open frame?

The open frame of the bricks has both a functional and design function. The functional aspect is that it makes it easier to tighten the brick connection and the design aspect is that it leaves more room for imagination while the philosophy of trebl is building the outer shell of objects in 3D format.

Why are all brick sides connectable?

Because of the philosophy behind the building of the bricks, allowing all sides of the brick to connect to other bricks makes it possible to create anything imaginable.

Do all brick types connect different directions?

Yes, all brick types are designed to connect in different directions to build imaginable objects.

Will trebl bring out more sets?

We have started with a limited number of sets that are aimed to demonstrate what is possible building objects with trebl bricks. We continue to introduce sets on a regular basis and invite anyone to build new sets.

Can a set be rebuilt into something different?

The basic philosophy behind trebl is a generic brick set that can build anything imaginable. Subsequently all sets allow more than just a single object to be built with it. In some cases a few more bricks would build multiple different sets.

Will there be new development for trebl?

We continue to develop more brick types and the interconnection and interaction of the brick types. The current brick types will remain and fit into any future objects. Further development will also include robotics.

Are trebl bricks used outside of children toys?

The philosophy behind trebl is to promote creativity. #thegiftofcreativity is our common hashtag for social media use. Creativity is not limited to children toys and subsequently trebl can be used for home and living purposes, expressions and around the desk.

What is a desk toy?

A desk toy is an object limited in size and challenging to build, which can be changed to multiple different objects. It takes your brain off screen for a minute to refresh and reset to generate new professional ideas.

Is trebl suitable as an educational tool?

Trebl is based on (round) geometric shapes and the bricks (as sections of these geometric shapes) allow creating new geometric shapes, which makes trebl suitable as an educational tool to teach geometry and mathematics. In fact it creates the basis for any STEM or architecture student.

What general rules does trebl apply for building objects?

We apply some simple rules in creating the sets to make them well built. For the surface we don’t have any pins sticking out, all bricks are connected at least with one pin/hole, except for ‘end bricks’.

I created something I believe would be an excellent set for trebl to offer. How do I submit it?

We do not have a formal process yet, but expect to have such available by the second quarter of 2022. In the meantime we are open for suggestions at our general email trebl@treblsystem.com .

Is trebl patented?

We have several utility patents pending on the building concept of trebl and some design patents. An overview of the patent applications and its status can be found here.