How it started

Christmas Day 2020 the dog of the inventor got attacked by two vicious pit bulls at a local park. He managed to save the dog’s life, but almost paid the ultimate price for it. The paramedics of King County Medic One rushed him to Harborview Medical Center where he spent the next three days in critical condition at the ICU. Once he was able to walk again surrounded by medical equipment he discovered a LEGO set. Putting it together felt like putting an Ikea set together - just following the detailed manual piece by piece - lacking any challenge. So, the idea of trebl was born. A set of generic construction bricks which could build any object in a way that is engaging and challenging. Something that would be helpful in educating STEM students to solve complex problems.

Normally, the inventor resists creating solutions for areas outside of his focus area, but he figured he would have to deal with severe PTSD issues following the tragic event, so he pursued the challenge as a way of therapy. He created bricks based on round geometric shapes that would connect to each side in different directions. That recipe allows you to build any object imaginable. Enjoy the result.