About Us

Trebl is all about creativity - at home, the desk or the playroom. The building bricks are part of round geometric shapes and connect on each side in different directions challenging you to build any object imaginable, whether it is a toy, a home decoration item, a kitchen or bathroom organizer, or a desk accessory.

Not only use the bricks to build animal creatures, droids, buildings, and towers, but also more functional objects like a wine rack or a phone stand. When your ten year old turns your countertop wine rack into a tower you might have an inspiring STEM student among you or a new gifting idea was just born.

The Trebl educational set is designed to teach students about geometry and math demonstrating how changing the algorithms impacts the result.

Trebl is also used for creative expression. Use the typeface to express your deep feelings for someone or congratulate a friend with an achievement. 

Trebl introduces the inspirational desk toy. A building brick set that builds multiple objects in a challenging manner. It takes your brain off screen for a minute to refresh and reset to generate new professional ideas.


Creativity. Build. Up!

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